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Glass coasters set of 8


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We were often asked and now they are finally here: Our glass coasters made of our signature vegan leather - the beautiful and practical addition to our placemats, tablecloths & table runners. The beautiful coasters for glasses of all kinds are round and double stitched - so your water, wine & other glasses stand stable and your table is ideally protected by the dirt & water repellent surface of vegan leather.

  • high quality vegan leather
  • free from contaminants
  • water and dirt repellent surface ideal coaster for glasses of all kinds: here even red wine stains have no chance
  • stylish trendy colors that match any interior style and are a great eye-catcher for your home
  • ideal size of 10 cm diameter
  • fits perfectly with our placemats, tablecloths & table runners
  • VAT included
  • small note: due to different production batches, there may be small deviations in colour when reordering.

- your everyday mate -

Floor protection mat sustainable
Floor protection mat sustainable
Floor protection mat sustainable
Placemats washable square

Playing, learning, mashing, crumbling, laughing in style - we at mates for living stand for a beautiful and stylish home. With or without kids, our vegan leather glass coasters will keep your home cozy and neat.

You love our placemats, with modern & classy look through the high quality vegan leather, so much that we have immediately supplemented our dining table collection with a table runner, glass coasters and a tablecloth. The puristic Scandinavian design is the eye-catcher, no matter where: Christmas party, garden party, cocktail evening, dinner party, dinner with the family, your mate is always there!

Is the glass coaster washable?

Full of joy and enthusiasm we can say here: Yes, the soft and luxurious surface of our vegan leather is washable and water repellent. Even red wine stains don't stand a chance - a fact that many of our customers can't believe until they see it for themselves and join our Vegan Leather Lovers Club *love*. Unlike conventional leather glass coasters in round, there are no stains here even after cleaning with soap & water and for the cleaning fairies among you: scrubbing is allowed - the vegan leather is totally easy to care for and always remains beautiful and supple. Have fun spilling, muddling, crumbling with style!

How should I clean the glass coasters?

It's easy: grab a damp cloth and wipe away the stains quickly and easily. Of course, this works best when the stains are still fresh and not dried, but even dried stains go away quickly after a short rubbing with the damp cloth. There is absolutely no need to pre-treat the material, to take it to the dry cleaners or to wash it. Even soap is needed in the fewest cases - the damp cloth is the best friend of the beautiful coaster for glasses. It is the easiest glass coaster you will ever have and therefore the perfect alternative to leather table runners - have fun with it!

If the microfiber back of your glass coaster gets wet during cleaning, let the coaster for glass & co. dry before putting it back on the dining table. This way you guarantee that the glass coaster can dry completely and no mildew stains will form on your dining table or table runner.

How do I set a table?

There are so many beautiful ways to set an impressive table - so there are no limits to your glass coaster. But since our vegan leather glass coasters are so insanely unique and special, we're happy to give you a little inspiration here.

The centerpiece is the focus of your table and can be, adapted to the season, an eye-catcher - perfect to use our glass coasters in leather look. Since our glass coasters are washable, get creative here and experiment with different consistencies for that extra WOW factor. For example, how about using Rico Design 's chalk pens to paint your table runners with seasonal patterns from flowers to snowflakes? There are no limits to your creativity - on the contrary, the only thing you have to pay attention to are our care instructions. Make sure you create highs and lows in your centerpiece. Integrate a few, high elements such as plants (for this, our matching baskets are also very suitable around the pot), pumpkins, seasonal decorative elements such as artificial trees, glass balls, etc.. So you create a decorative world and avoid that your centerpiece looks boring and one-dimensional.

Layering is another great way to get creative with tablecloths. For example, in addition to the glass coaster, use our placemats or tablecloths in a matching color and give your table that extra protection and special look.

Finally, arrange the plate and cutlery: Fork left and right the knife and next to it the spoon. First place the fork on the plate (the lower side of the fork points to the left) and then the spoon (the lower side of the spoon points to the right). The plate and cutlery should be at least a thumb's width from the table. If there is a bread plate, then it is positioned on the left side next to the fork, on top of it is the smaller bread knife The red wine glass comes above the knife and slightly offset to the bottom right then the white wine and water glass.

Now the dinner with family and friends, the garden party or festivities can start *cheers*.

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- your everyday mate -

beautiful coasters for glasses

Care tips for your vegan leather mat

  • - Clean your mat after use with a damp cloth and a little soap if necessary. Avoid chemical cleaners. The mat cannot be washed in the washing machine and must not be ironed. 
  • - Your mat can be easily folded to take it with you or to store it away. The wrinkles will come out if the mat is placed on a warm floor / in the sun for a few hours or hung up. A few minutes in the dryer (protected in a sheet) at a slight heat will also remove wrinkles.
  • - Paint, mud and simply have fun - that's what your mat is made for. However, avoid varnish & acrylic paints, pens, markers and other paints that do not wash off easily with water.
  • - Water, mud, coffee and parsnip mash don't stand a chance - the surface of your mat is water-repellent. However, large amounts of water should not be left on the mat for several hours, otherwise the water can seep through. If the back of the mat gets wet, always allow it to dry completely before using it again or folding it up - the small hanger on the back is ideal for this.