8 poster strip DIN A4 frame "mix & match


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beautiful DIN A4 poster board made of vegan leather as a set of 8

  • free color selection, just enter your 8 favorite colors (only available colors will be displayed). Your colors will be displayed in the order confirmation.
  • luxurious vegan leather
  • easy replacement of pictures, photos, self-painted items, wall vases & Co.
  • easy to wipe & clean
  • ideal so that your own four walls are never boring
  • 21,2 x 2,5 cm filled with design
  • by the way, you can also find a template to make the pretty wall vase for dried flowers in our shop (or just click on this link)
  • VAT included
  • small note: due to different production batches, there may be small deviations in colour when reordering.

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mint leaf

Mint Leaf

cloudy gray

Cloudy grey

Floor protection mat brown

Oak Wood

Floor protection mat white

Ivory Coast

Placemats round washable

Cloudy grey

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Floor protection mat sustainable
Floor protection mat sustainable
Floor protection mat sustainable
Placemats washable square

Stylish wall decoration for young and old - our "Frame" poster rail

At mates for living , we stand for a beautiful and stylish home. With or without children, our vegan leather products will keep your home cosy and well-maintained.

Wall decorations add the final touch to a home - small works of art, posters, photos, self-paintings & co. give your own four walls a personal touch and make it a place of well-being. The mates for living poster board made of vegan leather gives walls a very special look: the material with a high-quality leather look is simple yet luxurious. The purist Scandinavian design is an eye-catcher, no matter where: living room, children's room, bathroom or hallway, your mates for living poster board looks good on every wall!

The integrated magnetic strip is child's play to operate and ensures that new favourite works can be quickly exchanged - whether as a changing gallery of the latest kindergarten pictures, family photos or favourite posters, the mates for living poster strip makes bare walls shine.

Every now and then it happens that minor blemishes prevent us from sending one of our beautiful vegan leather mats - so that we don't have to throw them away, the idea of the poster strips was born, we just love them! The poster strips are of course without any blemishes.

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beautiful coasters for glasses

Care tips for your vegan leather mat

  • - Clean your mat after use with a damp cloth and a little soap if necessary. Avoid chemical cleaners. The mat cannot be washed in the washing machine and must not be ironed. 
  • - Your mat can be easily folded to take it with you or to store it away. The wrinkles will come out if the mat is placed on a warm floor / in the sun for a few hours or hung up. A few minutes in the dryer (protected in a sheet) at a slight heat will also remove wrinkles.
  • - Paint, mud and simply have fun - that's what your mat is made for. However, avoid varnish & acrylic paints, pens, markers and other paints that do not wash off easily with water.
  • - Water, mud, coffee and parsnip mash don't stand a chance - the surface of your mat is water-repellent. However, large amounts of water should not be left on the mat for several hours, otherwise the water can seep through. If the back of the mat gets wet, always allow it to dry completely before using it again or folding it up - the small hanger on the back is ideal for this.