We have received so many great questions from you - thank you! We are happy to answer them here. If you have any other questions that are not answered here, please feel free to contact us at hello@matesforliving.com.

The mats

Are your mats free of harmful substances?

Our mats are tested according to the international REACH standard. They therefore do not contain any harmful substances.

Are your mats water repellent?

Yes, our mats repell water splashes and even dirt. They also withstand larger amounts of water. However, you should never leave larger puddles on the mat for longer than 30 minutes, because folding the mat creates tiny cracks on the surface that do not let the water through immediately, but can still let water seep through after some time.

What is the best way to clean my mat?

It is very easy to clean our mat. For the surface: Simply wipe water and dirt off with a damp cloth and if necessary with a little detergent or soap. It is no problem to leave splattered food , water splashes & other spills on the mat for a little while. If necessary, soak dried-up spills with water beforehand, they can then be removed in no time at all. The bottom side can be washed off easily with water. For a thorough clean, use your garden hose or clean it in the bathtub. Either way, we love the fact that a patina forms when used outdoors - this makes it all the more your best mate for adventures. For lint on the back, a lint roller or a strong vacuum cleaner is best.

What is vegan leather?

Vegan leather comes in all sorts of forms. Our vegan leather consists of a soft microfiber bottom side that is non-slip on many floors (we couldn't test all of them yet ;)). The surface consists of a two-tone PU leather, which can be cleaned wonderfully. The two-tone and great leather texture give our mats an incredibly luxurious leather style. It looks amazingly real and simply beautiful plus it let´s us say: Holy cow, no cow! We looked for this material for a long time and are super happy to have found it, because it meets all our criteria in terms of splash repelling and slip resistance. Nevertheless, we are always happy to receive inspiration for other vegan materials that would make our product even better. If you have any ideas here, feel free to email us or PM us on facebook or instagram.

Where do the wrinkles on my mat come from and how can I reduce them?

For shipping and when stowing the mat, it is folded, which creates wrinkles on the surface of the mat. These disappear on warm surfaces, e.g. on heated floors or in the sun. You can also hang the mat up decoratively anywhere - this smooths out the wrinkles and looks soooo beautiful. Not an option for you? Then put your mat in a bed sheet and put it in the dryer. Using the gentle cycle for a few minutes and light temperatures (every dryer is different, so please test it carefully), your mat should soon look smooth like a baby's bottom again.

Where can I use my mat?

We have deliberately chosen the name of our company: mates for living is always by your side - no matter where. Use your mates mats outside in the garden, park, beach or inside in the living room, kitchen, children's room & Co.

Can I use my mat on carpets?

Absolutely, the mat looks incredibly stylish on a rug and is so practical. However, they lay best on low pile carpets. On high pile carpets, the mat usually does not lay flat.

To Shipping & Delivery

How much are shippent charges?

You can find our shipping costs per country here: Delivery & Shipping

Which countries do you ship to?

We ship to all european countries, for more information click here: Delivery & Shipping

Is there a minimum order quantity?

No, we like it simple and sweet: Simply order what your heart desires.

When will my mat arrive?

We ship out as quickly as possible within the next 2 business days after your order. The mat should therefore arrive 3-5 working days (orders within Germany) after dispatch at the latest - but from experience it is faster than this.

Where can I buy my mat?

Only here in our shop, because we love the direct contact to you!